I was born in Houston Texas. Shortly after that I tried to merge with my art supplies early by shoving an eraser up my nose. I was the stinky kid till my mom took me to the doctor and he figured out what I had done. It all started with the small pencil in the church pew in front of me. My drawing never stopped after that. I remember friends in Salyers Elementary School asking me to draw things for them. Then Twin Creeks Middle School helped me to know that drawing was my calling. By the time Spring High School came around there was no doubt in my mind as to what to do. It was 1994 and art had surrounded me. Thanks to some great high school teachers (Mrs. Davis, Mrs.Farenbarr, and Mrs. Sheets) I wound up in an art college. The School of Visual Arts Savannah led to a rather twisted turn of events insuring that I stayed tangled up in Savannah Georgia for four years obtaining my Bachelors of Fine Arts. (A New York based school that tried to spread their wings into new territory.) Because there was a school in Savannah already, called Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) this caused problems. SCAD didn't like the American ideals of competition and some how forced my school to disband after our charter class in 1994 rolled through one four year term. So, we, the students, were the charter class and the only graduating class of the School of Visual Arts Savannah. Personally this worked to my advantage when my senior year came around I had two teachers to three students in some classes. That to me was like a graduate level education for an undergrad price. My teachers were all amazing; Noel Szychorosk, Julia Haywood Patrick McCay, Zdzislaw Sikora, Anthony Palliser to name a few. We became a tight knit group, determined to make great art. Since graduating I have done lots of construction and destruction work on the commercial and residential side to keep myself in art supplies. I have continued to make art throughout the years. It is a passion with an unquenchable thirst.  

     I as an artist have cherished the sight and touch of our lovely world that surrounds us. Throughout my progression of learning to draw these things that make up our world like people, landscapes, & objects I have discovered it is never what you draw but simply the way you draw it. I was taught in the classical style of life drawing by The School Of Visual Arts Savannah. One can only go so far on training then one must explore within themselves. This allows us to build independent work that defines more than just some random marks on paper. This builds validity in ones work. We as artists are always looking for the more interesting point of view. New fresh ways to create what has been done before us in new and impressive ways. For example Tintoretto, Ingres, Mane, Cezanne, Bacon, Richter have all done the human figure. Their drawing; impeccable across the spectrum; but none are the same. They all had their own vision and that is the most important part of art. It's personal to the creator of it. There is always a part of the artist in the work that makes it stand out from the masses. I would like to think that my art does just that it; reflects me.


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