The Ford Story


It is with great pride that I review Blake's art work. Although I am not an artist, I comment not only as a father, but also an admirer of art. Blake's art is Blake. It shows his sincerity as a person and as an artist. He does not like anything that is fake or copied. If you don't like his art you don't like him. His sculpture is very creative because he has transformed rocks into soul beings. The holes that he has placed in them breathes life into an otherwise inanimate structure. His drawings and paintings (I must admit )I do not always see or appreciate what they are, but I can certainly see that they have depth, not only of art but of philosophy. When Blake works, he works like a hard- nosed "push up your sleeves" kind of guy and a "get with it" attitude. Blake  uses his chisel to achieve what many do with machines. Blake despises computers! He hates anything mechanical, including people. He is fairly "plain vanilla" when it comes to what he wants you to be, but very complex when he analyzes human nature and attitude. I admire his abilities and complexities and I believe that he has the potential to go far not only  as an artist but as a person. 

Don Henderson 
Blake's Dad